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Traffic Violations: A Bigger Deal Than You Think

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Let Us Get Straight To The Points

So you've gotten a few speeding tickets or other traffic citations. Who cares? You should. In this day and age of "freedom of information," even a minor traffic violation might cost you a job, a loan or have other implications years after the fact.


Don't let a traffic offense become a ticking time bomb on your permanent record.


Peter J. Heflin has helped people in Milwaukee with traffic defense from minor offenses like parking tickets all the way up to habitual offenders, revocations,  DUI/DWI or fleeing the scene of an accident.

Traffic violations are given "demerit points" according to Wisconsin law. Points vary according to severity of the offense. Get more than 12 points in a year, your driver's license will get suspended, and convictions stay on your record for up to 5 years!


Don't let a bunch of insignificant offenses add up to years of headache. Even if you have committed a serious offense such as DUI/DWI, Peter J. Heflin will work to get your points reduced, and help you minimize the impact that it can have on your driving record.

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- Jeffrey J.


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