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When The Worst That Could Happen Does Happen

Wisconsin law states that a blood alcohol content of .08% constitutes Driving Under the Influence. Even a first offense can cause serious disruption to your life. Would you prefer to: A) lose your job because your driver's license got suspended or B) fight your charges?


If you prefer option "B," call Peter J. Heflin. For 29 years, He has defended clients charged with DUI or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).


He'll listen to your side of the story, and bring all of his skills and resources to the table for you, with the end goal of helping you move on with your life.

In and of itself, DUI/DWI is a serious charge with potentially devastating implications for your life and reputation. If someone was hurt or killed in the incident, that's even more serious, which is precisely the kind of defense you need, now more than ever.


When Peter J. Heflin says he defends clients against DUI/DWI charges, he means the full spectrum of charges, including chemical tests, refusals, and DUI/DWI injuries and homicide. From your free consultation through courtroom proceedings, he fights for your rights.

”Peter J. Heflin is quite simply the hardest working lawyer I know. Lucky is the client who has Peter J. Heflin as their attorney."

- Thomas E.


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