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If you're facing criminal charges, such as domestic abuse or a drug offense, would you trust your defense to an attorney who helps people write wills? At some law firms, that might be what you would get.


Peter J. Heflin isn't one of them.   Criminal defense isn't one of many things he does, it's the only thing he does.


He works on all types of criminal cases including  homicides, sexual assault, domestic abuse, drug offenses, robbery/burglary, and assault and battery.

Your worst nightmare is coming true. You're being handcuffed and shoved into a police cruiser, or they're pounding on your door with a warrant for your arrest. What do you do? First, remain silent. It's your right, so please use it! Every person has the right to counsel, so get on the phone with us immediately.


From your free initial consultation up to trial, Peter J. Heflin will be at your side, guided by one principle: you are innocent unless proven guilty. He defends felonies and misdemeanors, and he practices in both federal and state courts. The clock is ticking once you've been charged. The time to act is now. Call today!

”One of the best lawyers in Wisconsin with excellent skills and ethics, and he won't drain your wallet. Thank you Peter J. Heflin."

- Ralph M.


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